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Radon Testing


Welcome to The Criterion Home Inspection, your trusted Mold Inspection expert. As a Professional Mold Inspector in Farragut, Tennessee, I adhere to the highest standards set by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and their renowned Indoor Air Quality Certified® (IAQ-C) program. I proudly carry the IAC2 certification, ensuring top-tier mold inspection services.

I strictly follow the IAC2 Standard of Practice (SOP), a comprehensive guideline for meticulous mold inspections. I prioritize identifying visible mold and potential conditions that could contribute to mold development. My inspection encompasses both interior and exterior areas, including roofs, crawl spaces, basements, and attics.

Equipped with advanced moisture meters and specialized tools, I expertly detect moisture intrusion, water damage, and elevated humidity levels. In cases requiring further analysis, I collect mold samples for thorough laboratory examination.

Upon completion, I furnish a comprehensive written report detailing my findings, conclusions, and remediation recommendations. It's important to note that I exclusively focus on inspection and do not engage in mold remediation services, in compliance with the IAC2 SOP. Rest assured, my services strictly adhere to all relevant laws and regulations governing mold inspections. At The Criterion Home Inspection, I combine my expertise in microbiology, building science, and environmental health to deliver a holistic approach to mold assessment.

I acknowledge that the IAC2 Mold Inspection SOP offers a solid foundation, but my commitment to excellence drives me to exceed these standards. My knowledgeable inspectors possess a fundamental understanding of mold remediation principles, enabling me to provide insightful recommendations for suitable remediation strategies.

While the IAC2 Mold Inspection SOP provides valuable insights, it's important to recognize that mold inspection and remediation require expertise beyond a guideline. If you suspect mold growth in your property, consult with me, your certified mold inspector and licensed mold remediation professional. At The Criterion Home Inspection, I am your partner in ensuring a mold-free environment for your property.


Enhancing Safety with The Criterion Home Inspection - Top Radon Inspector in Farragut, Tennessee.

My mission: Identifying issues in radon mitigation systems - improper installation, performance gaps, and repair needs.

Choose The Criterion Home Inspection for professional radon inspection. I am a certified expert dedicated to the highest standards, offering comprehensive services for both commercial and residential properties.

While not mandatory, I go the extra mile. Introducing meticulous radon assessments, integrated with property inspections or as a standalone service.

Count on The Criterion Home Inspection - Your trusted radon inspection choice.

Radon Testing

Key Points For Radon Testing

Ensuring proper radon testing is crucial for every home, irrespective of its location or age. When it comes to The Criterion Home Inspection Radon Inspection services, my professional expertise stands out.

The EPA strongly advises homeowners to perform radon tests in the lowest livable area of their houses, typically the basement. The Criterion Home Inspection offers Certified Radon Inspector services, utilizing both passive and active testing methods. Passive methods involve strategically placing test kits in the home for a designated duration, while active methods employ electronic monitors for continuous radon level assessment.

For accurate results, the EPA recommends a minimum radon testing period of 48 hours under controlled building conditions. If measurements exceed the EPA action level of 4.0 picocuries per liter (pCi/L), it's essential to take prompt measures to mitigate radon levels.

I provide comprehensive reports detailing radon test outcomes and recommended mitigation strategies. Keep in mind that radon testing is a specialized service, demanding proper training and certification. I, as The Criterion Home Inspection expert, am trained to offer proficient Radon Inspection Services, ensuring your peace of mind. If a home inspector lacks radon testing certification, it's best to advise homeowners to engage a certified radon testing professional.

Choose The Criterion Home Inspection for reliable Radon Inspection services. Rely on my expertise to secure your home's well-being.

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